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Did You Know?

• With 110 staff of which 75% are auditors, to date we celebrate 1056 audit reports that have been tabled in the National Assembly.

• We have audited SACU (current), SADCOPAC and SADC Accounts (3years each).

• Our annual capacity can produce more than 170 audit reports (in current years) carry out more than 120 asset inspections and special investigations.

• We got awards at Career fair and Trade fair in 2011.

• The Auditor-General was elected and appointed, by the General Assembly of AFROSAI in Gabon-2011, to the Governing Council (the continent’s highest leadership body of Auditors-General) for the next 3 years.

• The Auditor-General got an award for “Invaluable Service” as Founding Chairperson of AFROSAI-E (2005-2010) in 2011.

• We successfully hosted the 21st Common wealth Auditors General conference and other International events.

• On 22 December 2011 the 66th United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution A/66/209 “Promoting the efficiency, accountability, effectiveness and transparency of public administration by strengthening supreme audit institutions”.

• Therein, the General Assembly for the first time expressly recognizes that Supreme Audit Institutions can accomplish their tasks objectively and effectively only if they are independent of the audited entity and are protected against outside influence.

Contact Information

Office of the Auditor-General

Tel:+264-61-285 8000
Fax:+264-61-224 301

Street Address:
123 Robert Mugabe Avenue. Windhoek, Namibia


Postal Adress:
P/Bag 13299, Windhoek

Enhancing Transparent Accountability

OAG Head Quarters
Office of the Auditor-General Namibia Head Quaters

The new OAG headquarters has been completed. The staff of the Auditor-General has started to Occupy the New building during October 2013.


OAG commited not to discriminate against people living with HIV-Aids

HIv_aids Commited OAG

Staff From the Office of the Auditor-General has committed themselves not to discriminate. against people living with HIV-Aids........


Partners & Standards


The Office of the Auditor-General Namibia is a member of AFROSAI-E, Which is one of the

7 Regional World Groups of INTOSAI.

We are implementing standards as prescribed by INTOSAI (International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions)


Latest tabled audit reports

Report no
Fin Year
Date Tabled
76/2013 Land Acquisition and Development Fund 2011-2012 5-Nov-13
75/2013 Veterinary Council 2011-2012 5-Nov-13
65/2013 Fisheries Observer Fund 2011-2012 5-Nov-13
61/2013 Namibia Competition Commission 2011-2012 5-Nov-13
60/2013 Education Development Fund 2010-2012 5-Nov-13
70/2013 Erongo Region 2010-2011 30-Oct-13