Partners and Standards

The Office of the Auditor-General Namibia is a

member of AFROSAI, which is one of the 7

Regional organizations of INTOSAI.

We are implementing standards as prescribed

by INTOSAI (International Organisation of

Supreme Audit Institutions).

  • Mrs. Elby Brown (Second from the left), Mr. Goms Mennette, Deputy Auditor-General (Second from the right)

The Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of Namibia

(i.e. the Office of the Auditor-General) is an

active member through the regional working

group AFROSAI-e  and voluntarily participates

in various subcommittees and working groups.


These are the Working Groups:(please click on the links)


Our International Partners:

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Reporting Fraud and Other Cases

  • Supply proof where possible, report the details in writing or through personal interviews.
  • We will respond to your case within 10 working days and your name will NOT be disclosed.

Our Commitment to You

The Office of the Auditor General assists the nation to make the best use of public resources. It helps the

audited bodies to achieve proper accoountability and transparency through compliance with regularity,

proprietary, and accounting requirements.

The Office complies with the Standards and the OAG Guidelines.

In doing our work we focus on the needs of those we

provide a service to.

This approach builds on the following key values:

  • Integrity, honesty and confidentiality while performing our duties
  • Due care and skills while performing our duties
  • Professsional conduct during interaction with clients
  • Technical competence
  • Exercising good judgement while performing our duties
  • Have an independent mind and free from bias while performing work
  • Timely in delivering our service
  • Provide value-adding recommendations
  • Communicate clealry ad precisely with our stakeholders and provide conclusions that are supported by audit evidence.

Our Role to the National Assembly

We Provide:

  • Independent assurance and advice on the proper accounting and regularity of the expenditure, revenue and

assets of Central Government and other public institutions

  • independent reports on the economy, efficiency and effectiveness with which pupblic resources are used by the

Central Governmenent and Public Institutions.

What we ask from our Stakeholders

The quality of service we can provide to you depends on variuos

issues including input and co-operation which we as the

Auditor-General office receive from you.

We therefore request you to:

  • Be honest and timely in providing the required information
  • Ensure that the financial statements and supporting documents comply with prescribed requirements
  • Maintain a high standard of professionalism during interactions with us
  • Communicate clearly
  • Submit the statements as required by law
  • Respond adequately and timeously at audit queries and managemnt and management letters
  • Implement agreed upon value-adding recommendations within a year
  • Provide appropriate logistical support