Confidentiality and Transparency

We will appropriately protect information, balancing this with the need for transparency and accountability.


Independence and Objectivity

We will strive to be free from circumstances or influences that compromise, or may be seen as compromising, professional judgment, and to act in an impartial and unbiased manner.



We will act honestly, reliably, in good faith and in the public interest.


Professional Behavior

We will comply with applicable laws, regulations and conventions, and avoid any conduct that may discredit the OAG.



We will strive to comply with legal obligations with regard to our audit mandate and required reporting and will therefore report on the regularity and the efficiency of the use of public funds, including our own actions and activities and the use of our resources.  We will also evaluate the impact of our audits and the head of OAG, members of OAG and OAG personnel will be held responsible for their actions.